Among several titles that were supposed to be released on the PC-ENGINE but which, for several reasons, didnīt become a reality, PC Cocoron is one of the most famous. Some people say that the game has actually been finished but never been sold on stores, while others say that it has never become more than a promising prototype.

Gossips apart, we have to assume that PC Cocoron was probably going to become an excellent platform game, judging it by the few available images . Thanks to my friend Afonso Henrique, who sent me the picture below, we can check some of those rare PC Cocoron images (lower right corner), a title that can be considered some sort of "phantom game" on the PC-ENGINE game library. Enjoy it, and take your time to check the extra pictures below, from the games Hawk F-123 and Kunioīs Soccer!  ^_^