The early 90's were the time when the videogame market became really strong in Brazil. The NES was really a blast among gamers, and Sega Master System was gathering new fans day after day. The Megadrive had just been released here and it was truly a dream for most gameplayers. The SNES was still a brand new console within the US and Japan. At that time, we picked informations about all the brand new electronic gadgets released abroad on some Brazilian magazines, foccused on videogames. Unfortunately, the consoles and cartridges usually took months to actually arrive here... sometimes, they never showed their faces up, in our country.

And this is exactly what happened with the PC-ENGINE (Japanese console) or Turbo-Grafx 16 (US console). It had never been released within Brazil, even with lots of gameplayers dying to know the wonderful brand new games released on CD-ROM, with astounding animations and incredible soundtracks on Redbook Audio. Unfortunately, the Brazilian financial situation had never been really strong and, at that time, it seemed that a "useless" market, such as the videogames', wasn't a good option to invest in. Therefore, NEC never released the PCE in Brazil, even with a factory in our country... a terrible mistake, since the NES and Sega Master System are still being sold in our country, and the same thing might had probably happened with the PC-ENGINE. Sad, but true...

 In a single page of one of those magazines, there's one of the few informations about the PC-ENGINE ever published in Brazil. With pics from a single game, YS Book I&II, a brief text about the console shows that we, Brazilian people, also ignored the most charismatic and revolutionary videogame system of all-time: the PC-ENGINE.

Raul Malavasi

(English Translation by Marcelo Reis)