A legendary game in the videogame history, Snatcher is another masterpiece created by Hideo Kojima. Don't you know him? Well, Hideo Kojima is the man behind awesome games such as Metal Gear (MSX2), Metal Gear 2 (MSX2), Metal Gear Solid (PSX), Policenauts (Saturn / PSX) and the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PSX2).

Snatcher is classified as a "digital-comic", a very popular kind of game in Japan that allows the player to reach the end through many different ways, according to the selected options during gameplay. It's something like each player could make its own game script: the goal is always the same, but the paths which lead to this goal are very personal.


Snatcher was released on many videogame systems, from MSX2 to Playstation. Sega-CD and PC-ENGINE versions are considered the best ones. They have better graphics, the soundtrack really fits the ambient, and the best: they are completely uncensored! If Playstation version shows no gore and had a lot of original sequences totally removed, PC-ENGINE and Sega-CD versions show everything ... headless bodies, plenty of gore, etc.

The game plot is clearly inspired on previous works. Neo Kobe City is where the game takes place (in Akira, the city is called Neo-Tokyo...quite similar! :)), and androids with human forms, some uncontrolled, others with existential crisis, is an idea truly based on Blade Runner plot. Please, don't misunderstood me...this "lack" of originality doesn't reduce Snatcher true power! The ambience created by Konami is really impressive, and lots of sequences will certainly make you jump out of your chair! The game rhythm is blameless.


Some inconvenients: the game is in Japanese language, and is one of the few Super CD-ROM2 games that doesn't run perfectly on Magic Engine. So, for now, only the happy owners of an original PC-ENGINE or Turbo-Duo could play it without problems. But here is a little advice: give Snatcher a try, as soon as it works perfectly on Magic Engine. If you're still thinking about it, take a look at the links area and visit some Snatcher fan pages...I'm sure you'll quickly change your mind!! :)


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