Well, guys, you can call me heretic, turncoat, whatever you want, but I really have to say that Kaze kiri is, from now on, my favorite PC-ENGINE game! Of course Dracula X is amazing and Lords of Thunder (my former favorite game) still rocks, but, for me, Kaze Kiri is definitely the number one!

Produced by the famous Naxat Soft in 1994, Kaze Kiri reminds the legendary Shinobi a lot, at first sight. You control a ninja that should rescue a princess which has been kidnapped by a rival clan. To accomplish such mission, you must smash the opponents with powerful kicks, shurikens and your sword. To progress on the game, you have to kill a certain amount of enemies on each stage. The more shurikens you use, the more your energy decreases; if you stay still, it increases automaticaly.


There are plenty of reasons that made of Kaze Kiri such a fantastic game. The opening sequence starts like an old movie, and it has some really beautiful animated cinemas, with high-quality ADPCM sounds. The graphics are stunning and well coloured, and the characters have a wide range of smooth and different movements. The soundtrack, melodic and quite old-fashioned, suits well the game action. But the gameplay is actually what really makes of Kaze Kiri a masterpiece, and it definitely deserves a more detailed explanation...

Kaze Kiri might probably be the action game with the most clever enemies ever created. They anticipate to your attacks, defending themselves, and youīll have to use all your malice and ability to beat them. To help you on such task, the programmers from Naxat Soft created a huge amount of different attack and defense movements for your character, using only two buttons! Another interesting aspect on Kaze Kiri is that the game doesnīt become damn difficult as long as you move further: itīs hard from the beginning, and itīs up to you to make it easier with your ability and skill.


Kaze Kiri is a brilliant and complex action game that makes us all, PCE-maniacs, proud of our beloved little machine. In my humble opinion, the best PCE game of all-time! ^_^


Marcelo Reis







Musics and Sound Effects