When Implode was released, in 2002, the PC-ENGINE fans from all over the world became ecstatic... after all, no other commercial PCE game had been released since Dead of the Brain I & II (1999). Produced by Mindrec, Implode wouldnīt be a reality if not for the extreme passion and perseverance showed by its creator, BT Garner. For those who were living in a different planet, BT Garner is one of the most active members from the PCE community, along with Dave Shadoff, Zeograd and David Michel. BT Garner is not only Mindrecīs headman but, also, the mind behind the Turbo-list and the PC Engine catalog project...

OK, Iīm pretty sure youīre anxious to hear more news about Implode itself, about whether the game is actually good or not, and so on. All I can say it: you can bet on it! Implode is a cool game, specially if we take into account that the CD has two bonus games:

- Humpball, some kind of pseudo-volleyball game, in which you control some sort of colored amoeba (^_^). In this game, you can also collect special items, in order to increase the netīs height, change the ballīs speed, etc;
- Crash, a simple race game in which you have to collect the items spread all over the circuit and, at the same time, avoid collision with the suicidal car.


Both game are enjoyable, yet simple, and even though theyīre very entertaining, thereīs no doubt that Implode is actually the main attraction in this CD.

Implode is an addictive puzzle, easy to play and with an intuitive game dynamics, similar to Tetris but with an important difference: instead of blocks "falling to" the floor, we have blocks "appearing from" the floor. The main goal is to delete groups of three or more same-colored blocks, in order to avoid those very same blocks to reach the ceiling. There are also colored bombs that, when activated, will destroy all the blocks with the same color as theirs. To move to the next level, you have to destroy an "x" number of lines. As long as you advance in the game, this "x" number increases, as well as the number of colors on screen, while the blocks become faster and faster.


Iīve always told BT that, IMHO, an amazing game was actually hidden behind Implodeīs supposed simplicity. This is definitely one of the puzzle games that excited me the most, and I still love to spend some daily minutes playing it, trying to overcome my own high scores. The soundtrack, also composed by BT Garner, is kinda cool, providing a nice background to the challenging levels. Graphically, Implode isnīt really impressive, which is pretty normal regarding on puzzle games, but it would have been interesting to have some background images, in order to improve the scenaries a bit... who knows, maybe in Implode 2? ^_^


I know most people out there are pretty anxious to play new shooters or RPGīs on the PCE, but we gotta be patient. Implode is just the very first step in this brand-new PC-ENGINE era, in which the new games yet to come wonīt be produced by big softhouses but, instead, by fans who want to keep the NEC legacy alive (Aaron Nanto, sorry! Iīve stolen your motto! ^_^"). And it has to be said that this very first step given by BT Garner was definitely a heck of a step! So, itīs time to give BT and Mindrec our support, in order to stimulate them to produce other games. If you want to get your own original copy of Implode, Mindrecīs website is located at

Thanks a bunch, BT! Implode kicks ass!! ^__^


Marcelo Reis










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