Who never passed through this awful situation: be obliged to do something you definitely didn't want to? For example, go to your best friend graduation ceremony (sure, you like your friend a lot, you really want be part of his joy, all that "blah, blah, blah"?), or, maybe, those boring familiar ceremonies ("wow, you're grown!"..."whoohoo, you're fatty!"..and so on). I think everybody got what I mean! :)

Well, if you got the point, you'll certainly understand why I've mentioned all that. I try to be impartial when analyzing PC-ENGINE games, and my heart breaks when I have to be harsh on some specific game. If it's hard enough to do such things with any game at all, what can I say when I'm talking about Fighting Street, simply the very first game ever released on CD (12/04/88)? Besides, it's a conversion of the arcade game Street Fighter, which started the famous series and the subsequent "boom" of fighting games. How could I simply crush such game, without remorse? Pretty unfair...


Guys, sorry, but all I can say is that Fighting Street is really HORRID! OK, people usually say that one can't be so hard on this game, because it was the very first CD game, but this is not enough reason for Fighting Street be so crappy, since some Hu-Cards at this time were already amazing (Alien Crush, R-TYPE). Awful controlling, below average graphics, terrible PCM spoken dialogues...the only thing that justifies Fighting Street to be released on CD is the soundtrack, the best feature on the game but, still then, pretty common.

To make my point of view even clearer: when I first played Fighting Street, I couldn't give any kick or punch the way I wanted. So, I become crouched in the center, just punching, trying to keep myself calm with the game lack of control. I've reached the 4th stage (!!!), and I only couldn't go even further because of an anabolyzed boxing fighter, who killed me with mere 3 punchs! Hmmm...


So, even with my heart really broken (snif...), I couldn't give a fake opinion here. To say the PC-ENGINE wasn't able to do something better is a lie, since Street Fighter II' Champion Edition, released on Hu-Card in 1993, is simply perfect. The only positive comment I can make is that Fighting Street is worthy as an historical document, since everything we see nowadays regarding on CD-ROM games started with it. Otherwise, run away from it!! The game is damn awful!


Marcelo Reis







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