This fairly interesting game developed by Right Stuff Corp, plays a lot like Prince of Persia, but with more action, and some added RPG elements. You take on the role of Feed Sluster, a fiend hunter for hire, that takes on a job to rescue a lovely young lady from some very nasty monsters. You do so with the help of a cute little sidekick named Exy who is apparently made up of photonic energy.


Like Prince of Persia, there is plenty of running, jumping, cliff grabbing, puzzle action. Exy can be used to light certain areas as well as extend your main characters exploration abilities (to reach areas the main character can't). Probably one of the most unique features of Fiend Hunter is the fact you never fight the same enemy twice. There are near 40 individual fiends to encounter, each with their own look, feel, and method of attack. Though noteably some look like they jumped out of a bad Hentai (almost every female fiend is half naked). Battles are to the death, once you enter into combat there is no backing out. Luckily your character has a variety of attacks and Exy can even be called in to help when necessary.

Fiend Hunter also includes some RPG aspects and the story appears to be very in depth (with plenty of beautiful anime cut-scenes). Each fiend you conquer leaves behind some of their energy in the form of a gem, these gems can be used to increase your characters stats or boost Exy's abilities. There are also plenty of other items to acquire including keys, rings, potions, etc. (some of which are very necessary to progress on the game). Though there is some exploration to be done, the world is fairly linear and its doubtful you'll miss anything your first time through.


While the voice-overs in the game make great use of the CD-ROM format (using audio tracks or ADPCM sounds), the same can not be said for the soundtrack which, while well done, is musically out of touch. The tracks are just too weird and seem out of place most of the time. The sound effects are on par, but could use a little work.









Musics and Sound Effects